Anyone who has watched Schoolhouse Rock, or even better, paid attention in civics class, knows there is a process by which a bill becomes law. On the Hill we call this "regular order." The Democrats have jettisoned even the pretense of going through regular order to pass their radical agenda.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, March 19, 2021 


Freedom Caucus Slowing Down House Democrats’ Agenda 


WASHINGTON—The House Freedom Caucus released the following statement Friday regarding its efforts to slow down Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats’ agenda: 


As members of the minority party with no control over the House floor, Republicans and conservatives have been completely shut out of the legislative process. We aren’t given the opportunity to debate, amend, and often read legislation before we are forced to cast an up or down vote. 


What this broken process is producing are massive bills that spend trillions of taxpayer dollars with special carveouts for blue states and targeted provisions meant to undermine federalism and cancel conservative voices. That has been the case as the House considered and passed Pelosi’s blue state bailout under the guise of COVID relief, her D.C. takeover of elections bill, and other legislation that has serious impacts on the American way of life. 


Over the past few weeks, the House Freedom Caucus has used what few procedural tools the minority party has to slow down Pelosi’s ability to fundamentally remake America without the say of those sent to Washington to represent half of Americans. 


One of the ways we are slowing down Pelosi’s agenda is by requesting members vote on legislation – their fundamental job. Instead of allowing bills to pass the House by voice vote, we have asked our colleagues to sit on the House floor and cast a vote. 


This has caused some backlash from members who would rather spend their time in Washington fundraising, attending dinner parties, or doing anything other than their job. And guess what? It is working. 


Pelosi planned to put 28 bills on the floor this week that would pass without the full chamber casting a vote on them. She altered those plans because she knew we would request votes on them. As a result, she pulled 22 of those bills, saving the taxpayer money that otherwise would have been spent if we allowed them to go through. 


We, as are the American people, are tired of watching the political class in Washington put themselves and their insatiable need for power over what is best for the nation. We were sent to Washington to represent our constituents, not to be pawns in Pelosi’s game.