The Federalist has a heavily-source-linked piece out on the New York Times' narrative against the free, red states of America who are banning the Marxist indoctrination called "critical race theory" in our government schools--which are funded by your tax dollars. You can always count on the NYT to lead on trying to normalize these racist, anti-Amercan narratives.


The Federalist: New York Times Lies About Red State Bans On Critical Race Theory In Schools


Teaching our children to hate America, the beacon of freedom and liberty in the world, is at the very heart of the effort to destroy our country from within. Ask yourself, why is the entire world right this very moment trying to cross our wide open borders unabated? Because we are the freest, most prosperous nation that ever existed.


If you're looking for a good breakdown of what critical race theory is, look no further than the writings of former New York Times reporter, Bari Weiss: You Have to Read This Letter


This nation has shed more than any other in blood and treasure in an effort to correct the flaws in our founding and to level the playing field for everyone, regardless of race, creed or color. America is the only country on this earth that offers widespread opportunity for rags-to-riches success stories. More importantly, the American Dream is and always has been the freedom to worship God as we choose (that's why America came to be, why the Pilgrims first came to America), and to guide our own destiny as a free people. With hard work and committment, God has blessed Americans with the ability to give our posterity the freedom and rights we enjoy and to leave future generations better of than we are. Until now.


The equal opportunity of a free nation is being replaced by the tyranny of forced "equal outcomes," which are impossible. They are a utopian pipe dream sold to the gullible to bring power into the hands of a few who seek to be our rulers.


We have become a nation that is committing suicide by self-interest, reckless government spending of our money, the lust for power and conning those who do not know world history into believing that there can be equal outcomes provided by an all-powerful government. This is a recipe for totalitarian disaster. One need only look to the China Virus lockdowns as an example of what out of control Big Government Marxists have in mind for our future. Control of what we do, what we think, where we can live, what we can drive and even what we are allowed to do for a living looms large in their hands. It gets worse than those lockdowns, people.


Really look at China if you're confused about this. Mao Tse Tung killed between 50 and 70 million people in his communist takeover of China. Today, one need look no further than forced abortions as a consequence of China's One Child policy, their genocide against Uyghyur muslims--even their welding the front door shut on homes of people who contracted the virus they unleashed upon the world (and leaving them to die, you thought our lockdowns were bad)--all of these speak to what a modern-day totalitarian government looks like.


Joseph Stalin in the Soviet Union killed upwards of 35 million people and most of these through starvation of entire segments of the population.


America has long been the target of these Marxist (communist) regimes because a free, strong America is that shining city on a hill and a symbol of hope to the rest of the world. The very idea has toppled their totalitarian plans more than once in the world's history.


Those who do not know this history are doomed to repeat it. For the safety and security of your families and your nation, take a real, hard look at these Marxist/communist outcomes and what they really offer us. Is this really the future you want for America?