It is good to know that at least a former head of the CDC will come out and speak truth.


People also need to understand that in an "escaped from the lab" scenario, China would still be culpable for the intentional spread that became a worldwide pandemic. China immediatley restricted ALL TRAVEL to anywhere else in China from Wuhan once the virus had "escaped." Yet the communist Chinese government allowed flights to continue throughout the rest of the world directly from Wuhan, even after their virus secret was fully exposed. Why?


I would argue that, AT BEST, if the virus "escaped" the Wuhan lab by accident, China was leveling the playing field with the rest of the world so the communist government would not be the only ones damaged by its devastation. Is there any other logical reason?



Former CDC Chief Redfield: Coronavirus 'Escaped' From Wuhan Lab




Redfield added that he was “not implying any intentionality,” or accusing China of purposefully releasing it, and that he guesses the virus “started transmitting somewhere in September, October, in Wuhan.”


Redfield said the virus’s strength, in how easily it spreads, suggests it was being developed in a lab. If it had come from animals, it would have likely taken more time to adapt to spreading between humans, he said.


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