‘Coverage’ is not healthcare

Take a good look at this, people. This is in America. Obamacare has made healthcare “coverage” (which is not healthcare) unaffordable for millions of people.

Thousands Visit Free Clinics In Barns And Fields: ‘We’re The Middle Class, And We’re Here

Stan Brock and his army of volunteers march the country and do what the government is either unable or unwilling to do: improve Americans’ access to health care.

The sun has not risen when hundreds of people gather before the barbed-wire fence. Some have been here for days. Entire families packed into small cars and drove here from all over the country. Many set up tents; those without tents slept slumped over in their cars or on blankets on the ground.

Now they hold pieces of paper with printed numbers, praying that theirs is low enough to ensure entry. They have traveled too far and endured too much to be denied. Elderly people in wheel chairs, young adults with babies in their arms, toddlers clinging to their parents’ legs—all stare beyond the fence at floodlights illuminating old wooden buildings and large canvas tents.

The writer here, though, speaks of government, single payer “coverage” for everyone as if it is a viable option–like Canada, where people die waiting in line for actual care.

Canadians once came to America in droves for treatment from the best healthcare system the world has ever known, but that was before Obamacare.

The writer here says Medicaid isn’t working for them (doesn’t explain why, it’s government healthcare) and interviews a veteran (why isn’t he at the VA? Government healthcare) . People are flocking to these traveling free clinics instead because they can’t afford insurance “coverage” that is a dismal, government-mandated failure.

Government healthcare DOESN’T WORK. Look at the recent case of the small child, Charlie Gard.  The government healthcare system in England denied treatment to Charlie for a rare, nearly always fatal disease. Nearly.  So his parents raised the money to pay for the treatment, which was still denied.  And the hospital (and courts when the parents sued) would not release their own child to these parents to travel to America for the treatment. The government healthcare system, for no valid reason, ran out the clock on this 11-month-old boy, until it was too late to try innovative treatments that have had success. The government denied Charlie Gard’s chance at life.

That is not a decision the government should ever make.

Once your very life becomes a line item in the federal budget, the government decides what treatment (if any) you are allowed to have, even if you are paying for it yourself.

America must not go down this road.  Get the government out of the healthcare business. Unleash America’s doctors and hospitals to practice across state lines.  Repeal the waivers for monopoly protections for health insurance companies and allow policies to be sold across state lines. Unleash these clinics to operate across state lines. Allow unlimited pre-tax dollars to go into health savings accounts, even bit by bit, year by year as you enter the work force, accounts that do not expire every year and are able to be bequeathed to your heirs. And an emphasis on catastrophic care insurance policies for younger folks.  This is building a future of healthcare wealth.

It would be cheaper for the government to seed these HSA accounts for literally everyone the first few years out of the gate as we move away from yet another disastrous, mismanaged, corrupt government program toward individuals having the wherewithal to pay for their own care in a free market that drives down prices.

What you will spark is the revival and expansion of the greatest healthcare system ever known to mankind. And you will be building a future where access and affordability of healthcare would be available to everyone.

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